Have you visited a Psychic Medium>

Have you Ever Used or Met with a Psychic Medium?

What were your experiences?  Were they beneficial?  Did you get comfort or answers?   I’d love to hear from you.

For those that have not, and before you shut down the very suggestion immediately, here are some recent articles about mediums that may help you to understand them better.  First,   a recent an article on Mediums at OprahMag.com, that explains what a medium is and what to expect when you visit one.  Also, this one at the New York Times about how mediums are become the new wellness coaches.

I was curious about this and found a medium online that I enjoy and who who professional, legitimate and thoughtful.  I have listening to her sessions and participated and thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with her.

This Medium, Susan Allen, interacts with followers on her Instagram and a recent live communication was incredibly beneficial to me! Ms. Allen is OUTSTANDING and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE!! I think she was able to answer 95% of everyone’s questions, comments, concerns and training! You can find the recording of that session here and other recording at that Facebook page.

She answered me several times in this video and she was spot on with everything I asked her!

If you watch the video with an open mind, you will see her talent! I connected with Susan the first time I watched her and she connected with me then too.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. Peace and Love.


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