How MyDailyChoice Products Gave Me My Life Back

Hi folks,

Thank you for visiting my person MDailyChoice Affiliate website.  My official MyDailyChoice website contains much more info about our products. Plus that's where you will go to find much more information about the company and our products, AND to purchase our many great products.

Right now, though, let me tell you a little about how I got into this MyDailyChoice business.

In October, 2016, I had a major procedure done to my neck. I DID NOT recover well. I was down for almost 2 years was told to stay on what was prescribed to me by Big Pharma!

I did what I was told to do by my surgeon. But this was No Life!

I had NO LIFE!

I could not even bear to see anyone & had no energy or gumption for anything. Plus, I had no idea that if you are prescribed Big Pharma items that it could become Chemically Dependent this easily. I didn't see it happening and had know idea what was wrong with me. All I knew was This was NOT ME, I FELT TERRIBLE & NOTHING MADE ME HAPPY!!

I got tired of not being me and I FINALLY put my foot down.

I told my surgeon; I am not doing this any longer!!

I told him no more Big Pharma & hopefully No More Surgeries!! So, my surgeon sent me to a Pain Specialist! My Pain Specialist asked me "What Do You Want To Do?"

I said "DUMP Big Pharma" & I'm interested in possibly trying cannabis. He agreed with me!!!!

I'd heard about CBD Oil from a Facebook post by an old school mate selling it from their home. First thing I did was contact her and went to her house and purchased a bottle on the spot. I paid $140 for a bottle of CBD oil that had a LOT OF INGREDIENTS and, unfortunately, was full of fillers. I could tell right away that there must be something better out there.

My research kept bringing me back to the same CBD Oil Company and this is how I found HempWorx. On my 3rd day of taking Hempworx CBD oil, my mental clarity was amazing - I did not even realize I was in a fog.

By the 10th day of taking my HempWorx CBD Oil, I was working in my garden at 8:00 a.m. This is something I had not been able to do in three years. My husband and I were AMAZED at what the HempWorx CBD Oil had done for me & how quickly I became better! We truly thought I was going to be disabled and probably for the rest of my life.

Writing this testimonial saddened me because I had almost given up on life! Also, it makes me wonder how many others are out there in the world need to know that we don't have to live like that! There is HOPE and MyDailyChoice is proving it Every Day!

Just being outside was a big accomplishment, then along with getting MY LIFE & My Self-Worth back!! I'd never felt that good at any age. I guess I didn't realize what "Homeostasis" really felt like!!

Now I DO!! I FEEL AMAZING!  And there is No Going Back... No Desires but to Move Forward and Help Others.

Since trying that first HempWorx products, I have also tried and am a regular user of our Daily Sprays, Essential Oils, the High Life Travel Program and our other great products. I simply can't say enough great things about the MyDailyChoice company of the products.

Saying this, I didn't see this opportunity being Handed to Me on a Golden Platter! And this new career just fell into my lap. I was able to quit my day job and now help others feel wonderful and move forward in their own lives!!  And I have a team of wonderful people who are doing the same!

I absolutely love what we do and it's very rewarding!!

👍 👍 ✌️


Peggy Simmons
MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliate

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