Love to Travel?

There are a lot of travel sites out there. I should know, I swear it feels like I've used them all!  Trust me, though, I've never seen one like this.

We offer one place to book everything--with crazy deals--and rewards that combine for every aspect of travel. You've got to check this out!

Watch our short video about the program!


If you have questions, or would like to sign up, please visit my MDC High Life Travel website, or feel free to contact me directly - Peggy Simmons at 765-729-1125.




  • VACATIONS - Members get access to Vacation Home rentals if they are traveling with a large group and want a more unique experience with the privacy of a home.
  • HOTELS - Your membership provides access to over 1,000,000 hotels worldwide. See the live comparison on hotel prices and get up to 70% off public rates! Book for same-day arrival or plan far in advance.
  • FLIGHTS - Your membership offers you the ability to book flights in both money and Reward Credits. Booking flights with your membership helps you earn double or triple rewards each time you fly.
  • EXCURSIONS - Book a variety of unique vacation experiences, from cozy to crazy! Whether you're interested in a thrilling diving adventure or a relaxing winery tour, choose from thousands of excursions to add to your vacation.
  • CRUISES - Members can enjoy the excitement of cruising to exotic destinations around the world. You have access to all major cruise lines, including river and specialty cruises, and will receive up to 15% back in reward credits.
  • CAR RENTALS - Members can book a rental car the same day or in advance with pickup and drop-off locations available throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and anywhere they are traveling.

Visit my website to sign up!