CBD Does Make a Difference

I heard Peggy on the local radio station talking about how all CBD Oil is not created equal and that pure CBD Does Make A Difference!

We spoke on the phone and I placed my order with her.  I could have done it myself on her personal website. But she was available and offered to place the order for me.

When the bottle arrived, I started with only 3 drops as recommended.  That night I could see a difference in the colors on the TV.

Now I’ve been taking it 2 times a day for almost 1 month.  My eye sight is stronger and I don’t even wear my glasses half the time.  My body’s balance is getting much better.  I don’t feel like I am going to fall or lose my balance.

Also, I am getting stronger not feeling as puny.  I am going to start taking 2 extra drops per serving and lets see what next week/month brings!

Oh, by the way… I have even lost a few pounds!!

I’m very happy with all the results!!


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